"Dead by Thirty" by D*Face

British street artist D*Face introduces “Dead by Thirty,” highlighting musical greats who passed on before their thirtieth birthday. This theme is a part of his series “Scars and Stripes,” opening September 27th in Los Angeles. 

"I liked to think about how these artists would feel if they could somehow come back from the dead and see how they live on in the public eye."

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Reka and Two One at StolenSpace Gallery

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Both based in Berlin by way of Australia, Two One and Reka (see our recent studio visit here) are exhibiting together at StolenSpace Gallery in London in two concurrent solo shows: Reka’s “Trip the Light” and Two One’s “The Hunted Hunter’s Head.” Inspired by the graceful movements of dancers from a young age, Reka (whose mother was a ballerina) presents a series of paintings that pay homage to the fluid, abstract shapes the body can make. His Cubist-inspired paintings might have one imagining a toe-tapping soundtrack of jazz or even the swell of a symphony, but Reka tempers these allusions to older, more traditional art forms with gritty paint textures that evoke his graffiti roots.